Hey there, this is Bob Marzewski. I'm a 3D artist here and have been committing html crimes on some of the new pages you see here at ISN.

I've been here since September, newly transplanted from a dairy farm in Colorado, and have been an avid net surfer ever since. I started using computers 26+ years ago, but suddenly I was exposed to Mosaic and Netscape. These browsers have been around a lot longer than my awareness of them, but to me it was an answer to dreams of long ago. With high speed phone lines at work and my new 14.4 modem at home, new worlds of knowledge opened up.(In a past life I taught physics so knowledge is #1 with me.)

While browsers are great, I found myself downloading files that dissappeared to who-knew-where and upon finding them, I was uncertain as to what my next step should be. Then, I'd find that I didn't have anything that would let me view an Mpeg file or to listen to the sounds or whatever.

I'm going to try to give you links to all of the readers and views and players and unstuffers that I know about and will certainly add anything to this net survival kit that more experienced surfers would like to infom me about.

Remember: only use these tools for good.

Bob's Web Survival Kit