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Choosing the Fine Wine Rack & Cellar Company to design your cellar ensures that your collection is shown and stored in the finest system available.

Fine Wine Rack & Cellar Company custom wine cellars are found in many of the most prestigious residences in the world.

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We design and manufacture custom environments for the display, appreciation and safe housing of fine wines.
We design custom cellars for residential and commercial applications.
We ship and assemble on-site word-wide and offer a lifetime warranty and retrofit program.

Please mail or fax a dimensioned drawing of your chosen space and/or call to discuss your specific requirements.

Cellar Masters
Los Angeles, California, USA
tel: 805 495 2054
fax: 805 495 2054
Jon Parlier
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
tel: 808 623 0373
fax: 808 625 6099
European Agent
The Antique Wine Company of Great Britain
Staffordshire, England
tel: 01827 830707
fax: 01827 830539
Asian Agent
Corndale Consultants PTE. Ltd.
Singapore, Republic of Singapore
tel: (65) 453 0427
fax: (65) 453 5322

1661-A Industrial Road - San Carlos, CA - USA 94070
Tel: (415) 591-9463 - Fax: (415) 591-4334