SuperGraphics specializes in producing photorealistic, self-adhesive vinyl for bus wraps and sign graphics.

Example of a fully wrapped SuperGraphic bus - More Examples

SuperGraphics can make any bus an eye-catching, vinyl wrapped, traveling billboard using photorealistic images. A revolutionary one-way vision window material is used that allows the graphic image to be viewed outside, yet passengers can easily see through the windows from the inside. Studies have shown that full bus wraps have the highest unprompted recall rate of any out-of-home advertising media. These vinyl wraps are used on transit buses, tour buses, shuttle buses & vans, trains, and airplanes.

As the industry innovator and leader, SuperGraphics produced the first computer-generated vinyl bus wrap and has since produced hundreds more. SuperGraphics handles the entire production process from receipt of artwork through the final installation anywhere in the country.

Upon request, SuperGraphics supplies directions and templates for layout of the artwork bus wraps are produced from MAC computer images or camera-ready artwork. SuperGraphics produces the bus wraps in Sunnyvale, California and ships the final product to installers located throughout the US.

SuperGraphics is a trademark of SuperGraphics Inc. 3M Scotchprint is a trademark of 3M Corporation
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