Do you love golf? Do you get "that feeling" when you watch the AT&T at Pebble Beach, or when you watch the U.S. Open? Would you kill to play Cog Hill? Well...welcome to Golf Across America, your ticket to a one of a kind golf experience. America is home to the greatest golf courses in the world; from the rugged, windswept beauty of California's Pebble Beach, to Hawaii's scenic Kapalua, to the color and beauty of Augusta National in Georgia. This country has a lot of great golf to offer and at Golf Across America, we bring the American golf experience to your doorstep every single month of the year.

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At Golf Across America we've hand-crafted a uniquely handsome package that captures the look, the feel, the ambiance of great American golf courses. Every month, as a Golf Across America member you'll receive a rich and rustic, hand-made, hardwood box...these boxes are beeeautiful!. Inside we've carefully packed 3 logo'd golf balls, an authentic bag-tag, the official course score card, an entertaining review of the course's history, tees and more... featuring a different great American golf course each and every month. Each box is volume and issue numbered so you can build an impressive collection, or simply show off the balls, the bag tag, etc. when you hit your local links. It's a golf-experience-in-a-box delivered to your door.