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SoftNet Systems, Inc. is a single source provider for integrated imaging and telecommunications solutions. SoftNet Systems, Inc. develops, markets, installs and services electronic information and document management systems that allow users to electronically request and electronically receive information.

SoftNet Systems, Inc. products include hardware and software systems that allow the electronic capture, indexing, storage and retrieval of information through the integration of telecommunications and the following media: magnetic disk, optical disk, microfilm and paper as well as products that can produce film or magnetic media storage directly from com~uter output.

SoftNet Systems, Inc. has fully integrated information storage and retrieval systems that allow users to re-engineer information management processes to access information on a cost-effective basis and to achieve immediate cost savings through productivity increases.

Hybrid imaging solutions developed by SoftNet Systems, Inc. allow users to choose the image storage media that best suit particular needs. SoftNet Systems, Inc. is the only imaging vendor with the ability to retrieve microfilm on-line using the world's only microfilm jukebox, the MegaSAR, in conjunction with other storage media. SoftNet Systems, Inc. telecommunications solutions the sales and service of telephone and computer hardware with application oriented peripheral products such as voice mail, automated attendant systems, interactive voice response, call accounting and video conferencing systems.

Headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois, SoftNet Systems, Inc. stock is traded on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol "SOF."

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