My 10 Favorite Sites
These sites come from the past 6 years and each is special, then or now. They are in the approximate order of completion oldest first.

TOGO'S - A prototype I put together from the menu of a local sandwich shop. A visually delightful site-wish we had gotten meetings with the right people at their corporate offices. Worth taking a wander through.

NevadaNet - The first draft of my first REALLY big job. Still in operation, I turned over a structural shell with some areas of depth to show the possibilities. (see the Casino area) More importantly, these was the first big site that I made that actually began making money, when everyone first started saying it couldn't be done.

Roses - A prototype site for the rosebowl parade. (We were in talks with the Herald Tribune to get them online-this was a small part of the presentation.) I think this is probably one of the best looking home pages I ever made, and compared to the official site that year, beat them hands-down. Be sure to see the parade route animated gif.

Francophonie - A huge site for me in several ways. This was seen by high ranking public officials in France in 1996 when MediaCity was trying to show them a solution to this problem: how does a world travelling Frenchman keep up with his home town news and the government fight against the Americanization of the internet.
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Benin - This was a followup to the Francophonie site and was timed for the once-each-5-year meeting of French speaking nations held their meeting in Benin Africa. Again, the image maps on the maps are not currently working, but the text links work.

Malawi - One of my best ever. When my partner Bob Evans was in the country of Malawi helping them begin access to the Internet, I was building this site for the government. I later actually met and was thanked by one of the Ministers of the country when he visited Silicon Valley. I also drew all the maps-click on the map on the home page!

SoftNet 1 - My first SoftNet web site. An early version soon after MediaCity was bought. Pretty dark.

Tennessee Politics - Early phases of a political forum. The banner and navigation are mine and the reason to show this prototype.

NETmachines - This consumed a major amount of my time from 1999 to 2000. (See NETmachines Design elsewhere). I set the look of the web site and the first products for this company, still in operation. You must see this page:

Internet Inventions - This is my company, an LLC that I am a partner in. Shown here is the animated Services area.