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CompuServe announces partnership with Premiere Communications, Inc. to offer access to their on-line service without a computer or modem using a telephone. See October 26th, Wall Street Journal, page B8, title, "CompuServe to Enable Use Without Computer"

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If this were your card, you'd already be saving up to 55% on your long distance calls. Call 800-725-1000 Today and Start Saving Today! The Card and the Call are Free!

Over 4,750,000 people around the world save time, save money, and communicate more effectively using the Premiere WorldLink Card.

This card is offered to you FREE from Media City, a premiere provider of internet access in northern California.

To order your FREE WorldLink Communications Card from Media City use the convenient order form or call 1-800-725-1000 and refer to locator number #339.

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Premiere worldlink services you can start using today!

(No access fee like MCI, Sprint, & AT&T)

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Calling Card
Calling Card
1 Minute Call $.50 $1.11 $1.10
3 Minute Call $1.00 $1.73 $1.70
5 Minute Call $1.50 $2.35 $2.30
All rates baised on U.S. dollar. AT&T and MCI rates published 1994.

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Premiere WorldLink Card from MediaCity

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