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We at Rainman International are truly dedicated to "cleaning up our world." We don't say this lightly or with any reservation. It is our observation that we as a human race have used and abused the very environment which we so badly need to protect for future generations and ourselves.

A brief look at any major city; especially the inner cities; will portray a society out of touch with providing clean and safe streets, clean schools and parks for our children, overflowing garbage, graffiti-ridden subways and buildings, filthy shopping centers and fast food outlets, oil ladden parking lots, and on and on.

It is time for a change the way things used to be done. Rainman International is a company dedicated to just that. We will not only create that change, we will be on the forefront of that change.

Whether it be Residential, Commercial, Manufacturing, or Industrial; we will help in the process of cleaning. We specialiaze in high pressure power washing utilizing special biodegradable cleaning agents for different applications. We are very active in trying to convince our customers to allow us to use reclaimed water wherever practical. We sincerely believe this will become standard procedure for the future.

We would like to invite you to see what we can do for you. Whether it be graffiti, gum, oil, grease, dirty sidewalks, dirty farm or transport equipment, process equipment or something you don't know how to clean; call the cleaning professional. Call Rainman International.

Rainman International
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