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Experts Offer Tips to Make Wedding Planning Less Stressful

It’s ironic that some of the happiest events in life are also the most stressful.

Take weddings, for example. Planning for the big day can put a wrinkle in pre-marital bliss faster than you can say, “I do.”

Agreeing on the details that make up a traditional wedding -- the location, food, music, invitations and more -- can test even the strongest of prenuptial relationships. But there are ways to make the trip to the alter a more harmonious one.

“Planning a wedding is usually the first time a couple is forced to jointly decide on a number of important items, and that -- along with related budget issues -- can be very trying,” says Frankie Berger, a Beverly Hills, Calif.-based wedding consultant who designed the wedding and reception scenes for the movie “Father of the Bride.” “The key to making wedding planning easier and more enjoyable is to be organized and willing to compromise.”

Experts such as Berger agree that a few inexpensive tools -- such as answering machines, day planners and even wedding-based software programs -- can help couples plan and organize the details of their wedding.

"Answering machines are essential because they ensure that busy couples never miss a call from their wedding consultant, caterer, florist or guests,” says Randie Wilder-Pellegrini, President of Cordially Invited, a distinctive wedding consulting and event planning company in Beverly Hills, Calif., and director of the Association of Bridal Consultants For Greater Los Angeles.

“As the wedding day approaches, I need to be able to quickly reach my clients so they can make conclusive decisions on everything from the final guest count to transportation for all guests to the main event!”

CASIO PHONEMATE’s Model 9370 offers a perfect marriage of efficiency and convenience because it combines an all-digital answering machine/feature phone with three individual mailboxes, allowing callers to leave private messages for household members.

“With the Model 9370, couples can rest assured that messages from their wedding coordinator or future in-laws won’t be lost or forgotten by roommates or other household members,” says Stephen Knuth, president of CASIO PHONEMATE. “And the 9370 lets you customize your outgoing messages or provide additional information to callers.”

The busy bride, for example, could record an outgoing message on the 9370’s main mailbox that says, “Hi, this is Ashley. If you’re a vendor calling regarding my June 29 wedding, please leave a message at the beep and I’ll call you back this afternoon. If you’re a guest and would like to find out about hotels available that weekend, press *2. To leave a message for Brittany, press *3.”

Callers that press the designated numbers would then hear personalized outgoing messages. The 9370 even lets users forward messages from one mailbox to another for future reference.

Whether you’re using the help of a wedding coordinator or doing the planning on your own, experts offer these tips for organizing the wedding of your dreams:

Most importantly, relax and enjoy every minute of your special day.

What takes months and even years to plan, is over in the blink of an eye.

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