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CasioPhoneMate's new Model IT-380 features E-mail Link Telephone with Digital Answering Machine

Casio PhoneMate Receives Two Best Buy Recommendations by Consumer Guidetm

Casio PhoneMate is pleased to announce that two of our recently introduced Call Waiting/Caller ID products have received Best Buy recommendations from Consumer Guidetm. The Model CP-725, 25 channel cordless phone with Call Waiting/Caller ID display and the Model TA-160 all digital answering machine received best buy ratings by this prestigious publication.


Casio PhoneMate CP-725 Cordless Phone Rated 3 Out of 4 Stars by Home Office Computing Magazine

The 3-1/2 star rating gives the CP-725 GOOD to an EXCELLENT BUY status.
Reasons for testing so high include audio quality, LCD display, handset design, and price. In testing for audio quality they said, "Its [CP-725] noise reduction circuit worked as designed to reduce background interference, including hissing, buzzing, and static. We found it to be very quiet indeed."


900 MHz Cordless Technologies

All 900 MHz technologies have better range and resistance to interference than the traditional 25 channel cordless telephones. Users will have a wider area of reception within and around their homes and offices. Because of the shorter radio waves used, the 900 MHz signals are better able to penetrate obstructions than the longer radio waves used by 25 channel technologies.


Casio Phonemate introduces another first: 900 MHz Digital Spread Spectrum cordless phone with Call Waiting/Caller ID Display, Rockwell Technology

TORRANCE, Calif. (October, 1997) -- For this year's holiday gift sensation, look no further than the CP-850 cordless telephone from Casio PhoneMate, due in retail stores this fall. With the CP-850, the convenience and mobility of a cordless phone is maximized through superior range, security and clarity -- and made all the more useful with a Call Waiting Caller ID display that lets you manage incoming calls while on the go.


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