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Why NetBox
NetBox is a virtual Post Office Box. A permanent, portable, and secure personal address on the Internet.
NetBox provides you with an e-mail address independent of how you access the Internet. If you change your Internet provider your NetBox address remains the same.
NetBox provides many optional services without annoying ad banners. Powerful tools for routing, remailing, storing and accessing electronic messages and no ads to slow down the access.
Personal NetBox
For as little as $1.00 per month, a NetBox personal account provides an exceptional combination of privacy, permanence, and flexibility that can be fully personalized.
NetBox redirection technology enables complete header replacement and forwarding of inbound & outbound messages, enhancing both the utility and security of email.
Keep it simple or add options like POP3, Fax, and US Postal delivery.
Business NetBox
NetBox Inc. provides specialized email, web site hosting, forms-processing and secure credit card processing services to corporate clients and organizations.
Domain name registration/hosting, multiple email accounts and name-aliasing for multiple email accounts are all optionally available.

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