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The Fountain of Youth

At BodyMindWorks, we are dedicated to anti-aging, longevity and optimum quality of life. The results of  1,000's of people taking various growth hormone and other rejuvenating formulas has been researched and documented since early 1998. As a result of our experience with a wide variety of products in the rapidly expanding age-reversal marketplace, we are very confident about promoting Elan Anti-Aging Formulas.

Growth hormone, HGH or GH, technically named somatotropin, is the naturally occurring substance in our bodies responsible for the cellular regeneration of our organs, skin, muscles, bones - virtually all body tissue. It also plays an important role in endocrine system balance, enzyme function, immune  performance and brain function. Because our own GH production begins a 14% per decade decline at approximately 20 years of age, we usually begin noticing the effects of aging sometime in our 30's. As we continue to secrete less and less growth hormone, the aging process accelerates. When we supplement with Elan GH1 and/or the other Elan Anti-Aging Formulas, we literally experience rejuvenation which manifests as: increased energy and stamina, improved mental function, stronger emotional well-being, better sleep patterns, excess fat loss, lean muscle gain, improved sexual performance, more effective digestion, enhanced immunity, reduction of wrinkles and cellulite and many more rejuvenating benefits.

Please select the different options on our menu to learn more about how Elan GH1 can effect your aging process and enhance the quality of your life. If you have further questions, please contact us so that we can give you personal attention.

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