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Welcome to New Paradigms Consulting and Referral Resources

New Paradigms Consulting Group is a resource and referral site addressing the growing interest for evolutionary growth in workplaces today. We are a referral source and consortium of consultants, authors, columnists, facilitators, education programs, experiential development programs and trainers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area interested in promoting and developing the evolution of consciousness in workplace cultures today.

Educate, motivate, transform, evolve, and empower the performance within yourself, groups, individuals and your workplace culture. Explore the difference consciousness can make when you retain employees through personal and professional development programs orchestrated by New Paradigms Consulting Group.

All change is evolutionary change. Individuals in groups are the essence of all workplace cultures. Grow the consciousness and communication capabilities of your culture. The quality and direction of change in your company doesn't have to be left to chance. Make change a predictable opportunity for growth. Contact New Paradigms Consulting & Referral Group to discover how you can engage and develop a competitive and sustainable workplace culture that attracts, retains, and develops employees for profitable evolutionary change.

All New Paradigms Consulting Group offerings are grounded in principles that honor the individual, group, organizational, and global goals for evolutionary consciousness.

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