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ADRM develops and markets a complete family of data model products supporting a variety of Industries:

Telefony / Wireless and Cellular
Products and Services
Food & Beverage
Each industry-specific product line consists of three levels of data Models that may be used as an integrated suite, individually or in any combination:
Enterprise Model
Data Warehouse Model
Subject Area Models
The ADRM development approach provides immediate results and significant advantages by utilizing detailed industry-specific template data models to support:
Enterprise planning and anlaysis
Business Area analysis
Data Warehouse development
Decision Support System (DSS) development
Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
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ADRM products were developed upon the premise that template data models are the most efficient means for an organization to dramatically accelerate development of internal data models, analyze requirements, design systems and implement a data administration function.

ADRM data models represent the data, data relationships and business rules required to support an entire enterprise, data warehouse or functional business area within a specific industry. That graphical representation is supported by up to 5,500 printed dictionary pages containing complete definitions for each table and column. Each model is plotted in full-color on a single page measuring up to 36"x175". ADRM models are developed and maintained within an advanced CASE environment capable of functioning across PC, Macintosh and UNIX environments with a common user interface.