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Rooty*Hoot*Hoot-multiple roots
Word Wave-word families
Word Web-single root
Word Ogees-analogy
Word SynOpps-synonym/antonyms

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Featuring this week's Syndicate.com puzzles as seen in the comic pages of several midwestern newspapers.

Monthly Word Find puzzles. So challenging these are POWER PUZZLES.

Crossword puzzles promote verbal agility. Crossword and Comic hotlist.

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The BARD NOTEBOOK helps high school and college students write better essays and term papers. The process of writing includes prewriting, drafting and editing. The software shows the steps for implementation. Users can multi-task the "BARD" with their own essays.

The VOCONs family is featured in a Syndicate.com vocabulary comic strip. It gives a visually "RICH ENCOUNTER" with words. The main stars are Dick Shinary, Cinny Nym, Auntie Nym, Acro Nym, Al Literation, and Sam Mantics.

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