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Doing fewer sites while working more on internal SoftNet design work.

Malawi - One of my best ever. When my partner Bob Evans was in the country of Malawi helping them begin access to the Internet, I was building this site for the government. I later actually met and was thanked by one of the Ministers of the country when he visited Silicon Valley. I also drew all the maps-click on the map on the home page!

ClearyGullReiland - Very COOL- Lotta clear white space and neat navigation.

Lonnie - A site for a friend of mine who make magnificent Stained Glass panels. I need to update this-she has gotten even better.

Rainman - A simple site, but I like the colors I used on the various pages-helpful since part of his taget audience found the color cues helpful. Great guy to work with, too.

ASWW - A very clean site that I always liked.

Berkeley Farms - Just the very start of a prototype, but a cool Muybridge animation of a running bull.

M. Lee Stone Fine Prints - Simple one page site.

QFTV - A prototype site for one of the first really big flat screen monitors I ever saw.

theBizPages - A prototype site that never went far.

SoftNet 1 - My first SoftNet web site. An early version soon after MediaCity was bought. Pretty dark.

SoftNet - A prototype of my second SoftNet web site. Simple but very nice animations. Actually stayed on line longer than I thought they could tolerate.

MTC - One of the suite of companies in the Softnet family, I inherited web site duties. This was an early protoype with a animation of their logo I wasn't sure the upper-escalon would find appropriate.

Construction - Another under construction page.

USTC - Simple site, but making the logo helped feed my mapping obsession.

wiifm - I know I did some of the layout and nav for this one but can't remember which parts or many details.