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Working for MediaCity-first for free then as a partner. Started knocking out Web sites and directing several other designers as the Internet hit Palo Alto.

Fine Wine - This is a single page site with a couple links to images, but I've always thought it was an elegant site and an early site I designed using the power of tables-a new feature gaining acceptance in browsers of the time.

TOGO'S - A prototype I put together from the menu of a local sandwich shop. A visually delightful site-wish we had gotten meetings with the right people at their corporate offices. Worth taking a wander through.

SuperGraphics - WOW what you can do with great images. I'd like to think my choice of select some huge images-wider than standard computer screens-stressed the scale of these bus-wrapping vinyl SuperGraphics.

Corvette - Part of a bigger prototype site/presentation to a Palo Alto auto dealership. I can't claim the images, but it is notable as being an early use of large background images-just then being available in the new versions of Netscape.

Best Bets - This was the beginning of the much bigger project, NevadaNet, a weekly Newspaper insert in an on-line version.

NevadaNet - The first draft of my first REALLY big job. Still in operation, I turned over a structural shell with some areas of depth to show the possibilities. (see the Casino area) More importantly, these was the first big site that I made that actually began making money, when everyone first started saying it couldn't be done.

wizzard - The very first draft of my Wizzard site that has grown for the past 6 years to include the pages you are now viewing.

TaxiTalk - One of my favorite customers-though I'm not sure we ever met. A taxi driver cum author without a computer who still saw the power of the Internet. A simple one page site with the bright background.

Stanford Barn - One of Les' (Laky) and my early sales and a place he still goes for meetings every week.

SaRonix - One of my first sites, it went through many versions, and showed me why the Internet was important-here was the way to keep high tech people updated with today's specs.

Foresight - Nanotechnology in 1995! Before the Borgs, before nanotech was a popular buzzword, we hosted this newsletter, which is still active.

NCA - Seller of computer products in Silicon Valley, their monthly updates were a pain in the butt, but helped pay the bills in the early days of MediaCity.

MediaCity World - One of my early versions.

MediaCity World - An early alternate version based on a 3D city model I was beginning and that grew significantly over the next year.

underConstuction - I wanted a less bring under construction page; used when a person signed up for a new personal account with web site at MediaCity.

Basic Needs - Simple 2 page site, but I was proud of the layout.

PCGamer - The entrance to a couple magazines from Imagine Publishing.

Palo Alto Business Directory - When the city went to an east coast company to do the local business directory online, we made our own version to try to get them to buy locally.

WordLink - One of the early phone cards and one of my first table based layouts. Interesting to see the price of phone calls at the time.

HealthHero - They did most of the work, but I did make it work right.

mini_micro - early prototype. Lots of depth, but little real content. Very old with lots of broken images. Probably will never get around to fixing this far out.

Mobilex - Nice looking single page prototype.

The Runner's High - I didn't actually do this site, but they were an early MediaCity client.

Spieker Properties - An early entry in the Realestate market on line.

BachEarly Prototype.

Early Prototype.

Lambda Alpha - Horrible scan of the foil logo I scanned. I also maintained this site for a couple years.

ADRM - Prototype kind of bland except for some interesting navigational buttons. I love the dull gray background that was all you could do back then.

Virus - This client preceded me at MediaCity, but this was my version, and one of my first 5 sites.

Synnex - Another online electronics site.