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Many of these are companies are ones that I am involved in more than just as a designer. A couple of the links go to the currently active sites, a couple are confidential and only show screens that are ok to see.

Internet Inventions - This is my company, an LLC that I am a partner in. Be sure to visit the animated Services area.

AFTLD - A little different color scheme than I usually use but one of my current favorites. Lots of maps and a return to Africa.

Domain World - The TLD for the country of Mauritius.

Body Mind Works - Product info and sales site for human growth hormone.

New Paradigms - Site for a friend that does massage and business seminars

Domain Keep - An internal site for the registration of domains.

Clear Dialog - Innovative chat room software.

AvatarNuMedia Belongs in all of the pages of this history, Avatar has been one of the sites I've inherited when I first joined MediaCity, and I now share office space there.

dejongesclasses - The first page of a site in development.

Investor Clear Dialog - Confidential site - Confidential site under development. - Confidential site under development.